Hamish Howard
Hamish Howard

Hamish Howard

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, NewFish

NewFish is a biotechnology company providing replete nutrition from New Zealand’s pristine waters by creating sustainable food ingredients via large-scale fermentation and downstream processing of microalgae. 

Hamish has a background in marine science and commercial fisheries. He began his career working on New Zealand’s deep sea fishing vessels in the Southern Ocean and subsequently worked in roles across New Zealand’s food manufacturing supply chain.

While running Guyton Fisheries in Port Nelson, Hamish became interested in the enormous potential of algae, both as an exceptional source of nutrition and as an industry capable of revolutionising our food production systems and doing away with the negative externalities embedded in our traditional primary industries.

After a number of years investigating what a New Zealand macroalgae/seaweed industry might look like, the founding of NewFish and subsequent conversations with the Cawthron Institute led Hamish to realise microalgae fermentation offered greater promise with fewer barriers to achieving full commercial scale and attractive unit economics.

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