Life Sciences Summit Speaker

Louise Brown

Dr Louise Brown

CEO and founder,
HydGene Renewables

Dr. Louise Brown is the CEO and founder of HydGene Renewables, a Sydney-based deep-tech synthetic biology startup that was established in 2020. Prior to her role at HydGene, Louise held an academic position at Macquarie University. She has more than 20 years of experience in the bioengineering of complex protein systems and has played a key role in establishing synthetic biology in Australia with a focus on chemical manufacturing and also the training of the ‘next generation’ of synthetic biologists through educational initiatives such as iGEM.

HydGene leads the way in sustainable 'green' molecule production, with a focus on green hydrogen, offering a clean and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuel-based methods. HydGene’s groundbreaking bio-engineered catalyst technology efficiently transforms waste biomass sources into green hydrogen, delivered on-site and on-demand, contributing to the global transition towards net-zero economies.

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